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Thanks you for using our online quotation system. Select which options you want from the list below and you will be emailed your quotation within seconds. We offer a wide range of packaging, there are far too many options to list everything so if you can't not see what you want please call on 0330 333 1090 or email [email protected].

What our clients have to say: 'When the chips are down you really can rely on Discus Group. We had an urgent requirement from one of our clients for a same day turnaround on a thousand dvd's. As ever you have exceeded all of our expectations and delivered same day. You can't beat that kind of service, our client now thinks we're heroes. A big thanks to the guys that rescued this for us.' Graham Essenhigh - Bubble Productions

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CD - Compact Discs can be used for Audio CD, CD Rom for Data, software or gaming, VCD for Video and Enhanced CD for a mixed mode content of Audio and Data or Video. Maximum capacity 700Mb of data or 70 minutes of Audio.


DVD5 - DVD Discs are single sided single layer and can be used for Audio DVD, DVD Rom for Data, DVD Video for Video and Games. Maximum capacity is 4.7Gb Data or 120 minutes of Video at Broadcast quality.


Blu-ray - Blu-ray discs are high definition video discs and can be used for Data, Video or games.

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